This is not your typical Pilates' class. RTR Pilates' style of reformer Pilates classes will systematically and rhythmically take you through a choreographed 55-minute class routine designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your mind and body.  All Pilates classes use the Balanced Body Allegro II reformer.  You will be challenged, you will be sore, you will become addicted.  Your body needs the strengthening and your mind will love the lengthening.


RTR Pilates in Highlands Ranch, CO



RTR Pilates has three levels of Reformer Pilates classes: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.  We teach two types of classes: Pilates Classes and Circuit Classes


LEVEL 1: This class is designed for clients that have never taken Pilates classes anywhere and also, those simply new to RTR Pilates.  All clients are required to begin in a Level 1 Pilates class.  For those that have never taken Pilates before, the class will introduce you to the equipment, teach you body positioning and prepare you for a Level 2 Pilates class.  For those that have taken Pilates before just not at RTR Pilates, this class will help you with terminology and cueing specific to RTR Pilates and prepare you to assimilate to a Level 2 Pilates class safely and easily.  ALL CLIENTS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE A MINIMUM OF ONE LEVEL 1 PILATES CLASS. No matter your fitness level, you will get a workout from the Level 1 Pilates classes.

LEVEL 2: This Pilates class is designed for the client that is ready to expand on the foundations developed from taking Level 1 Pilates classes.  The classes will move at a faster pace and assume you understand basic cueing and technique. Minimal breaks will be taken during class.  Class instruction will be delivered to the average fitness level for the clients in attendance. Modification to make the exercises harder or easier will be given by the instructor. 
LEVEL 3: This Pilates class is designed for the client that wants a more challenging workout than the Level 2 Pilates classes.  The class will have no breaks between exercises, the class assumes that you are equipped to modify for any injuries or preexisting conditions you may have.  The pace of the class is geared towards the most advanced client in the classroom.  To make the class more challenging the instructor will provide more repetitions per exercise, increase/decrease the weight of the spring, increase the pace of transitions and make the exercises more complex, increase/decrease the weight of the spring, and increase the pace of transitions.

***Level 1/2 and Level 2/3 Pilates classes move at a pace between the two above descriptions.  These classes are a nice place to test out a more challenging class level.***

RTR Pilates in Highlands Ranch, CO


PILATES: A contemporary twist on the traditional Pilates exercises.  RTR Pilates brings it’s own brand of challenge and innovation to the Pilates classroom.  Each Pilates class the instructor will guide you through a unique class plan designed to work the entire body.  Our instructors are trained to give clients modifications to make all exercises harder or easier depending on the clients’ needs.

CIRCUIT CLASSES: This low-impact, high-energy cardio Pilates class is only taught in a Level 2 or Level 3 format to ensure safe core muscle recruitment.  Circuit Classes combine our Performance Pilates moves with cardio intervals.  The cardio intervals are created by jumping off the footboard, gliding on the floor, or by instructor creativity.  The instructor will guide clients through a class of alternating circuits: Pilates > Cardio > Pilates > Cardio.  The class is fun, fast paced and designed to elevate the heart rate and challenge the body.
Clients should inform instructors before every class if they have a pre-existing injury or issue. Instructors are equipped with modifications to help all client benefit from every exercise series.